Sustainable Living: If He Can Do It, So Can You

By LeeAnn Chisolm

Whether it's free hugs, raw vegan, or off-the-grid living, I adore champions of sustainable lifestyles and strongly support living more fully and intentionally. Take for example, Rob Greenfield who embarked on a sustainable cross country bike trip. People tend to doubt that it's really possible to live in harmony with our planet. Well, if Greenfield could pull it off in these extreme conditions, imagine what you could do right in your own home.

Sustainable Living Episode 1 | Food: Local, Organic, Unpackaged, Food Waste. Follow Rob Greenfield's bike ride across America practicing sustainable living to the extreme. In this 5 episode series you'll learn how your daily actions with food, waste, water, transportation, and energy affect the earth, other species, and yourself.

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What sustainable habits are you currently practicing?