Cool Down with These 5 Infused Water Flavors

By LeeAnn Chisolm

 photo courtesy of LeeAnn Chisolm

photo courtesy of LeeAnn Chisolm

If you didn’t notice by the sweat build up underneath your eyebrow or your new all but subtle sun tan lines, it is officially summertime. And folks, it’s going to be a hot one. Why not take this as an opportunity to spruce up your water game?

Cool down this summer with these 5 infused water flavors:



Strawberry | Orange | Mint 











Pineapple | Ginger | Mint










Blueberry | Lime | Cilantro 









Lemon | Mint | Cucumber










Strawberry | Lemon | Basil







Lemon, mint, cucumber is my absolute favorite of the moment for it’s refreshing zest and benefits. For a very simple "How To": Pick out your favorite mason jar, glass, cup, etc. and fill with 2/3 water. Add desired amount of each fruit and herb.  

Feel free to switch up the combinations. I don’t measure out the amount of each fruit/herb.  I truly go by taste and sometimes mood. LOL

Aside from drinking more water, stay hydrated by also including more living and raw foods to your summer meals. Would love to hear what fruit/herb combos you too have come up with. Until next time...