All We Need Is Love

By LeeAnn Chisolm

Everyone is asking what is wrong with the world. 50 slain in Orlando, dozens shot and 6 casualties in Chicago, countless others around the world are starving, victims of war, the list goes on and on. It’s a day in age we have to work at reminding ourselves what is right with the world. But I will tell you what is: Love.

 photo by Joy Hmielewski

photo by Joy Hmielewski


It’s overwhelming for most to think of all the atrocities that face us, but it is compassion that brings us together. We are stronger because we love. It is love that moved strangers to stand in line for ours to donate blood to the injured victims of Pulse Orlando. It is love that moves us to vote for policies that support sustainability, to defend human and animal rights, it is love that builds communities back up after mindless and hateful blows. It is love that brings us through any grief. While some may jump to the notion, “Well, love can’t defend me like a gun can.” I beg to differ.

Hatred and acts thereof start with us. Correcting what is wrong in the world begins at home. It is how we treat ourselves and our environment; it’s how we raise our children; it’s how we relate to one another. If each individual took it upon themselves to be the natural emblem of love that they are, we could eradicate so much unnecessary violence. But that means facing our own oftentimes deplorable shadow and choosing to love it as well. It means living and therefore loving consciously.

The great spiritual teacher and guru, Osho, reminds us in this video above that our natural state is love. When we are aware of our hate, we return to love, when we are aware of our love, we give even more of it. We can re-regulate, reinstate, and regurgitate laws and penalties that do nothing to STOP violence until the end of time. Or, we can hold ourselves and each other accountable for who we truly are.


In the words of the artist and humanitarian, MaestroRiko, we all have problems. Hate doesn’t exist outside of us. Maybe we all could focus on our own personally healing since we cannot change others. We can only change ourselves.