Transforming Our Relationship With Food

by LeeAnn Chisolm


What’s more intimate than what we put in our bodies? Food is our first intent upon grasping for life into this world. It is also our very first drug. It is a relationship we know so blindly we all but make room to question it. But what if we did?

Here is a docu-series created in hopes of transforming our relationship with food.

Food Diaries is a docu-series exploring our broken relationship with food. Profiling food activists, to doctors, healers, and educators, this series brings up the questions we aren't asking. From food waste to healing ourselves to farming for self reliance, each subject takes us through their own personal journey in food, sustainability, and choosing to live and consume more mindfully.

In Food Diaries' debut episode, Ree Shreeves, earth advocate and founder of Fort Negrita, takes us into her life as a zero-waster.