Living In A World Where Tomato Paste is a Vegetable

One thing I cherish about the age of information is how readily available it is to the general public. In the documentary, Fed Up, Katie Couric uncovers many lesser known facts about the food industry and those in charge of it. While there are quite a few documentaries I adore that call mass consumption out it's name, this one brings up underlying issues not often talked about. Why are Americans being fed junk and how and who is getting away with it? While it is true that our personal health is our own responsibility, we shouldn't have to succumb to the brainwashing (marketing) that is ultimately blurring the judgement of the American public. I found that growing in health and wellness personally often required the un-education of what I was taught by my family, peers, and society growing up. It's more than just changing the "Diet of America," it's about changing the ideas, values, and education of America. 

Fed Up is now available on Netflix! 

Written by LeeAnn Chisolm @MissChisolm