We Are What We Eat; Therefore, I Am...


Finish the statement.

We are defined by a lot of things but no more than by what we put in our bodies. The practice of eating used to be - and for some still is - a sacred practice. What we were eating was a gift. If it was meat, we would thank the animal for it's sacrifice  and pray over it along with the rest of our vegetables. Eating nowadays is more of a habit. We put little thought into the source of our food, losing the connection completely with our processed, prepackaged meals and beverages. When we stop to think what's in our food, it's usually only to count calories, carbs, and fats.

But those nutrition facts aren't the whole story. I have a saying, "junk in, junk out." I use that when it comes to the television I watch, the music I listen to, and especially the food I consume. Whatever we are exposing ourselves to, we are living - we are becoming. Food that is nutrient-deficient is junk. Can you imagine becoming a cheeseburger? Sounds far-fetched but if you can just imagine for a moment, as you are eating the cheeseburger, it is being processed in your internal system and literally latching on to old cells and growing new ones. Your body cannot perform at it's best (physically, mentally, and spiritually), if it's not being feed the best - nutrient-rich, whole foods. Why would we want to put anything less than the best in our bodies?

The next time you sit down for a meal, think about where the food came from. What kind of plant, what country, what farm? Is it whole? Is it processed? How will it affect my mind, body, and spirit? Food, our source of energy, is something to be celebrated, and most certainly something to be conscious of. We are what we eat. 

So... what are you?

LeeAnn Chisolm @MissChisolm