Honey: The Missing Ingredient In Your Skin Care

For some reason, the thought of putting honey directly on my face never crossed my mind; but apparently, I'm missing out on some awesome benefits. The ascent into natural skin care can be tricky to navigate. Take note of what you're mixing and how much. I found this out the hard way! I'm excited to try honey. I've known it to be used topically for its antibacterial properties but it is also used to relieve acne and to add moisture. It's also an antioxidant and can be used to reduce inflammation. Below are a couple ideas to integrate honey in your daily facial cleansing regime.

Honey Wash:
—1 tablespoon honey
—Cover face with warm water and rub honey over face. Let it sit for a moment and wash away with cold water.

Honey-Oats Face Scrub:
—1 tablespoon honey
—2 tablespoons dry oatmeal
Rub together in palm of hand then massage gently in circular motions on face. For a luxurious and exfoliating facial scrub massage mixture gently onto face, then rinse with warm water. This blend gives a deeply emollient cleansing to the pores of your face.
— MsTBennett at www.curldeviant.com

For more recipes, please visit: http://curlydeviants.com/2012/05/23/honey-your-face-is-delicious-diy-how-to-use-honey-as-a-facial-wash/

INTERESTING FACT: A lot of vegans steer clear from honey as it is a byproduct of living bees and their exploitation.

LeeAnn Chisolm @MissChisolm