RAW! vegan cookout with friends

Birthed from RAW! Inc. in 2014

RAW! on Wheels is a traveling health initiative that spreads awareness and provides access to clean and creative plant-based foods.

Our mission is widespread plant-based food ACCESSIBILITY while increasing wellness literacy in urban communities through educational tools, community events, job creation, and the arts.

RAW! provides 100% organic, handcrafted, plant-based foods and juices; free of allergens such as dairy, eggs, gluten, corn, soy, agave, refined sugar and nuts. Even canola oil and nutritional yeast don't make the cut at RAW! We promise you clean foods while never compromising flavor. RAW! makes eating healthy COOL, urban, accessible, and delicious!

To top things off, WE DELIVER!

RAW! on Wheels, LLC is a subset of RAW! Inc., the urban new age raw food mecca.



No gimmicks..

Just REAL Plant-Based FOOD